Camp Tip #9 – Marathon

Start small. 

Before you can run a marathon, you have to get in the habit of running, then get you’re endurance up so that you can run the 26 miles. Writing is very much the same way. You can’t just wake up and decide to write 10,000 words. It’s just not going to happen. You’re going to fail. Instead, you need to practice writing every single day. Once you’ve developed the habit, you then have to work on writing large amounts of words which also doesn’t happen overnight. Once you’ve done that, and the day comes that you wan’t to write a crazy amount of words, you still don’t just sit down and hammer the words out. Start with just a little bit at a time. and really take it one small chunk after the next. It’s a lot easier to write 100 words 100 times than it is to write 1000 words ten times, or 2000 words five times.  Focusing on too many words at once can be really daunting, and cause you to burn out much faster.

Take breaks.

Speaking of burning out, one way to combat that is to make sure that as you’re writing that you are also taking breaks. And not just breaks where you’re still thinking about the scene or chapter you’re in, but take your mind completely off the words, and focus instead on something else. Watch some videos, or read a book for a bit. Maybe go draw, or work out, but take your mind off of the words, and that way you can come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next set of words. However, if you have a long way to go, you want to make sure you are taking structured and limited breaks.

Pace yourself. 

It all comes down to balance. You want to make sure you are writing enough to hit your goal, but not writing so much that you burn out before you get to you’re goal. That is the hard part really. It can be challenging when you know you need to write, but know you need to take a break. Lean too far in either direction, and you may sabatoge your goal before  you can even get going. Anyway, good luck as always, and keep writing.

Progress as of this post:  9,291/13,500

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