Camp Tip #4 – Buddy System

Chill with your Cabin Mates.

One of the great things about Camp are the other people in your cabin. They can motivate you and cheer you on, and even get you involved in word sprints or other activities that can help you get words. In addition to that, you can check your cabin’s progress as a whole, which can be motivating to keep you on track. They are your built in safety net. If you’re feeling blocked or stuck, ask your mates for advice. This may be a self challenged, but you aren’t doing it alone.

Participate in write-ins.

Now, I don’t know how active your cabin is, but if you’re needing a bit more support you can always do a write in. You can meet up with other Wrimos locally and work on your goals. This can be great because writing can be a very solitary pursuit, especially when trying to hit your goal on a deadline. This creates a bit of solidarity, and give you a chance to be social during a time when you might be otherwise canceling plans or delaying social outings.

There are also virtual write-ins for those of you who may not get a chance to get out, or who simply don’t have other writers in the area. Just hope on YouTube and write with people all around the world via internet. The fun thing about this is that they may at times do little prompts or other activities that just make the write-in a bit more engaging.

Utilize Twitter and NaNoWriMo forums.

 If you’re looking for a bit of motivation or support, then hop on twitter or the Nano forums. You can check up on other peoples progress, or follow along with sprints. Either way, there is always something available to help you through this month. Take advantage of the resources and the comradery  available to you. And as always, have fun.


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