Camp Tip #19 – Candy Bars

The tasty stuff. 

In writing, there are parts that are just the most fun to write, or maybe not fun, but the most intense. These are the scenes or chapters where you get to do neat stuff. It can be anything depending on your genre and preferences. For me, I love moments were I can foreshadow something in a subtle way. Especially when I’m foreshadowing things that are going to be huge. Sometimes that’s a earth shattering revelation, or a tragedy to come. Let’s be real, that’s mostly ones I get excited about. These scenes break up the work from transitional scenes, or more quiet scenes. I also love to torture my characters or bring them joy. It depends on my mood. But I love taking them out of their norm. Those are my candy bar scene. The ones I just can’t wait to write. These are also, they ones that usually have readers gripping there books(e-readers) with white knuckles and bated breath. And this doesn’t have to be life or death, or a steamy scene between two lovers. It can be just about anything.


These parts, while fun, do need to be spread out a bit though. You need to think of it like this, if every day is a great day, how is it any different from an ordinary day. Now, I’m not saying to make the rest of the book boring or bland, but not ever scene needs to be a battle, not every scene can have new crucial information. Some scenes need to deal with the fall out of those scenes. Some need to show the characters growth. A book should have an ebb and flow. Imagine riding a roller coaster. You get started with the ticking climb, it builds anticipation, and for a moment, you sit at the highest point, ready, but never prepared for the fall. You plummet and probably scream, I do, and at the end you laugh. But, if its all a gut wrenching, white knuckled ride, eventually all your going to want, is off the ride. You need the anticipation so that the pay off is nice release.


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