Camp Tip #17 – Visualize

May 1st. 

On of the hardest things about writing a book, script, or whatever your working on this month during camp, is the long journey you have from where you started to where you want to be. Sometimes when I think about the 30,000 more words I have to write to get to the halfway point in my book and the 75,000 words that I still need to write to get to finish the book, it seems daunting and frankly, impossible. But, sometimes I think about the day after camp, and in those daydreams I’ve worked hard, and came back from being terribly behind, and I’ve hit my goal. On May 1st I’m halfway done with my book, and that much closer to finishing my book, and getting it published. It’s that much closer to being in the hands of my readers.


Why this matters. 

When I started writing as a teen, I did it, because it was fun, and I loved stories, and I wanted to create my own story. To this day, coming up with stories and getting them down on paper(typing them up) is still my favorite thing to do.  However, now because I want more than to just have stories that I’ve made, I want to share them, there is a pressure that I didn’t always have. It’s good, because without that pressure, I would push myself and strive to be better day. I would bother to finish novels, and come up with new ideas. No matter how daunting thousands of words can be, and hundreds of thousands of word are if you’re thinking about all the books you may one day write, there is nothing like the feeling of sharing your stories with someone else. Holding on to that feeling is what will push you forward when you want a break. It will drive you when your lost. Best of all, it will be reality, if you just keep chasing that feeling. Its the only drug worth being addicted to.



But, may, and next year, and years down the road are very far away. Instead, focus on tomorrow. Where could you be tomorrow? Where do you want to be? What can you do today, to help you achieve what you want for tomorrow. I know that I’m tired today, and I hadn’t planned to write anymore today, but you know what, maybe I’ll just write 100 more words. A paragraph or two. A page.  Because tomorrow, I want to be closer to my goal than I am right now, and I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to achieve that. I can do it today, right now, and then keep working on it tomorrow.


Progress as of this post:  16,711

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