Camp Tip #14 – Week Two

How am I doing?

I’m ridiculously behind. by tens of thousands of words, so I lowered my goal, because I really want to win, but also, because the goal with campnano is to make writing a habit, and get words on the page. I have been doing that, but everyday I was getting more and more behind, which was demotivating me and in a way, trivializing the progress that I had made. I want to win, and I want to celebrate my success, but to feel succesful I needed to catch up, even if I didn’t catch up. I know I can hit this new lower goal of 25k but the way I’m going to hit it is by aiming for my elusive 45k original goal. I’ve done the math, and even with modest writing on the days that I work, I should be able to make some progress on the 4 remaining days off I have for the month. So that’s my new revised plan. It really is a sigh of relief because now that I feel less behind, I am more motivated to hit my goal and surpass it.

How are you doing?

That’s enough about me. As we end week two, the question I wonder is how everyone else is doing. Are you doing well, or falling behind? Have you been having fun? Are you still in this? Often when I have done Nano, either here in camp or during November if I was going to drop out, It was usually around this time, when I felt defeated and overwhelmed, tired and stuck. I’m hope that no matter what is going on that you are staying in the game because whether you hit your goal or not, the only way you lose for real is if you don’t try. I know I’ve said that before, but it’s important and needs to be remembered.

Please remember. 

So with that in mind, also know that until winning officially begins you can still adjust your goal. There is nothing wrong with aiming for a target that you know you can hit. Aim for it, let it help you build confidence, and then aim further and further. Good luck to everyone one of you. People like you who want something and are willing to work for it are the kind of people who inspire me to write. Thank you all and never forget. You. Can. Do. This.

Progress as of this post: 12,295  /15,000

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