Camp Tip #12 – Plot Holes

What did you miss?

We’ve all been there while writing. We threw in something completely unnecessary, or forget about a character we introduced. Maybe you forgot to mention the super important thingy that the hero needs in you chapter right now. Plot holes happen, and if left unchecked they can break your novel. They can make it unreadable if left that way. However, in camp, this is just a rough draft and its not the end of the world.  If your realizing that you have major plot holes that will have to fix, what I suggest for now is ignoring it. Write it down of course, and put that note where ever you keep your most important story notes at. However, if you try to go back and fix this, and tweak that to correct the plot hole that you made, you could end up wasting precious time on that, which should be spent writing on your camp project. Write down what you need to fix and maybe how to fix it, then pretend as if you already have fixed it and keep writing. There’s only one time I wouldn’t advise this method.

Maybe you can still fix it. 

When you have a plot hole, you don’t always have to go backward to fix it. An author I really like once wrote about a mystical book in one of her novels, forgot about the book, and turned it into a major part of another novel. Depending on the plot hole, you may be able to fix what you broke where you are. It could be that you forgot a character way back, maybe there was a reason that the character wasn’t present. Maybe that thingy you forgot, you’re character realizes they forgot too, and now have to find an alternative way to deal with their problem, or go back for it. Using your plot holes if you can, may add an interesting, and real aspect to you novel that people may think happened on purpose, if you do it right. So if you’re looking at the hole, and you see a handy shovel and dirt right in your path, use it, and fix your hole while moving the plot forward.

Does it really matter?

Maybe the plot hole you have is a hole because it wasn’t suppose to be in the book in the first place. It may need to just be removed when you go back to edit. If this is the case, then don’t feel like you need to rip it out in the middle of camp and lose those words for your word count. Changing, and even deleting stuff is all part of the revision process, and part of the writing process. Maybe what happened at the beginning of the book, or  a few chapters ago, isn’t right for the book anymore. That doesn’t matter. At the time it was relevant, at the time it helped you get words, and at the time, it helped you create the consistent habit of writing. So maybe those weren’t the right words, they still count and take credit for the work you put in. you can always fix it later, and maybe once you get a bit further in your story, you will find a way to implement one of the other two stratagies of dealing with plot holes. For today though, focus on getting your words written.

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