Camp Tip #11 – Why Write

What drives you?

Everyone who writes, has a reason why. Sometimes that reason is because they find it fun to craft stories and characters. Or, maybe they have something they need to say, about the world, about people, about less tangible things like hope, love, fear, choice. Sometimes it can be for fickle reasons and that isn’t write or wrong. Why you write doesn’t have to matter to anyone but you, because you are the one who has to sit down everyday and write. It is this thing that drives you that can convince you to write when you’d rather hang out with friends, or when you had a long day at work, or if your favorite show is about to start. Knowing what drives you is one of the most important things that you can know when writing, and really when you do anything. If you can’t break down your motivations how can you break down your characters?

Is that enough?

This is a bit harder. Is it enough to make you write every day? I can’t tell you that. No matter what your reason is, or how important it seems, no one can tell you if that reason is good enough to write every day and work really hard on something that may be able to make a living from. You have to write for you first, because before readers can care about what your doing you have to care. If you’ve never thought about it much, take the time right now to figure out why your writing, why you want to win camp, and what that will feel like for you.

Keep writing. 

Once you know your reason, and you are sure that its a good enough reason to purse your goal, then the really hard part begins. You have to keep writing everyday. Because no matter what your reason is, or whether its a good enough reason, it will never become a reality if you don’t work really hard and recommit ever single day to your writing. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take a day off, but know that that day off is just a break, and don’t let it become a slump. Know your why.

Progress as of this post: 10,013 /16,000

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