Camp Tip #8 – Benchmark

Where you started. 

When I started CampNaNoWriMo this year, I hadn’t written consistently in months. I hadn’t blogged. I hadn’t bothered. I was so wrapped up in my regular life, that I forgot about the thing I loved most. Well, I didn’t forget. I knew I hadn’t written, and I knew, that I wasn’t getting any closer to my goals. I just didn’t know how to jump-start my progress.  That is why I joined Camp this year, and why I may always do camp. It gives me focus, motivation, and best of all, a network of people to communicate with. When I started camp, I had a long way to go. But every day that I participate, that I show up and try, I get closer to my goal. It’s so important to know where you started, because otherwise, how can you measure how far you’ve gone.


Where you’re going. 

Equally as important, is where you still have to go. What is your deadline? Where are you hoping to end up. Setting a goal like writing 500 words a day is great, but without knowing why you’re doing it or what the end goal of doing it is, can be just as detrimental as not setting specific goal at all. Just like if you say I want to write every day. Without a specific amount, this is a hard goal to achieve anything major with. You have to know what that goal is meant to achieve.  With Nano and Camp you have a predetermined end goal. So you know where you are starting and where you will end up.


How you get there. 

With camp and Nano, it also estimates your daily goal. Because knowing where your going and where you’re starting is only half of the problem. You also need to have directions on how to get there. That is where your daily goal comes into play. It tells you how much you need to write everyday to get where you are going. Also, if you are ahead or behind, it will tell you how much based on that information you need to write. It’s a fantastic tool to have. So if you find that you are setting goals and not hitting them, you may need to go back, and make sure that the map you’ve set up for yourself reflects what you are supposed to be working on.



Progress as of this post:  5,637/13,500

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