5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write

So many people say that they should write a book.

They say this because people have told them that they write well or because they feel like they’ve led an interesting life and that alone would make a good book, and so many more reasons. No one should write a book. If your writing a book, then you should be doing it because there’s nothing else you want to do more than that. Writing is a long, lonely pursuit, at least at times. And, while I love writing, that doesn’t mean that everyone does, and trying to do something for the wrong reasons, will almost certainly blow up in your face.

So here are my 5 reason why you shouldn’t write.

1) To get rich

The numbers are just not with you on this. Most writers, who love to write, struggle to sale any books let alone make a living off of writing books. While that doesn’t mean you can’t or that people haven’t made crazy amounts of money from writing, it should give you pause if you think that writing is going to get you out of debt, or out of your day job.

2) Because you’re good at it.

Some people just have talent. They have a captivating way of writing, but trying to force yourself to write, is just painful. The average book is around 90,000 words. That’s a lot of words, and a lot of time spent on doing something that you just don’t really enjoy. It’s okay to be good at something and not have to make it your profession.

3) Because you love reading.

Some books can be so inspiring. However, loving to read and loving to write are not always a given. I love to read and love to write, but there are some genres that I just could never write in, because, although I might enjoy reading them, I just don’t have any desire to write in that genre. This could be true for you too. You might love to read, but when it comes down to actually writing it  might not be for you, and that’s okay.

4) Because you have a story.

Whether that story is about your life, or the next best fairytale retelling, maybe it doesn’t need to be written in a book. Maybe it would be better as a blog, or a movie, or maybe not. We all have a story, and if you want to tell yours there are so many ways to do so, but again, sometimes the passion you have for one thing doesn’t transfer into a love for writing, and in most cases, if you’re going to write there needs to be passion for it.

5) To become famous.

Realistically, if you are already famous you can write a book, and you might not even have to write the book. Some people will have it ghost written and then slap their name on it. However, its very unlikely that a book will make you famous, because as I stated earlier its hard enough to make money that making money, and becoming known for your book is just unlikely.

Most of these I think are obvious, but they still need to be said. Some people may like the idea of writing, but when it comes to the practice of it, they learn that it’s just not for them. That’s okay. Not everyone is a writer. Not everyone is an artist. Not everyone is an athlete. But if you are, welcome to the club.

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